Leadership of Center of Excellence

V Craig Jordan, OBE, PhD, DSc is Vice President and Research Director for Medical Sciences at the FCCC. Dr. Jordan is the Alfred G. Knudson Chair of Cancer Research. He is the former PI of the Northwestern University SPORE in Breast Cancer, and the Diana, Princess of Wales Professor of Cancer Research. Role: Principal Investigator of the CoE grant who will coordinate the interaction of all clinical and laboratory Tasks and who will ensure that the mileposts are completed.

Lori Goldstein, MD is Leader and Director of the Breast Cancer Research Program (FCCC). Role: Co-Principal Investigator who will be responsible for all clinical and regulatory issues in the CoE grant. Principal Investigator Task 1 coordinating completion of Clinical Studies.

Task 1. Clinical Trial (Multiple Sites)

Clinical Trials Consortium (CTC)

Lori J. Goldstein, MD (FCCC) Role: Principal Investigator

Ramona Swaby, MD (FCCC) Role: Medical oncologist / Career development candidate

Mary Daly, MD, Ph.D.(FCCC) Role: Senior Medical Oncologist, Coordinating Quality of Life, recruitment

Michael Dixon, MD (Edinburgh) Role: Site Principal Investigator for recruitment

Nancy Davidson, MD (JHCC) Role: Site Principal Investigator for recruitment

Ruth O’ Regan, MD (Emory) Role: Site Principal Investigator for recruitment

Deborah Toppmeyer, MD (CINJ) Role: Site Principal Investigator for recruitment

Patient Advocate Partners.

The CoE will become the scientific and medical research arm of the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization. The academic community in the CoE are committed to provide assistance and advice to Y-ME nationally, and an expanding and rotating group of committed advocates will become completely integrated in the scientific mission of the CoE and as members of the CTC.

Margaret C. Kirk, Ester Cabrales, Rosemarie Rogers, Sandee Stern, Kay Wissman, Margaret Volpe. Ms. Kirk is not a breast cancer survivor, but has served as Chief Executive Officer at Y-ME NATIONAL BREAST CANCER ORGANIZATION for three years, and is a graduate of National Breast Cancer Coalition's (NBCC) Project LEAD® and a board member of the NBCC and the National Health Council. The remaining advocates are all breast cancer survivors and are Project LEAD® graduates as well. Role: The consumer advocates will work within the CTC for recruitment, retention and education of patients for the clinical trials.

Task 2. FCCC Preclinical Models

V Craig Jordan, OBE, Ph.D., DSc (FCCC) Role: Principal Investigator Task 2.

Eric A. Ariazi, Ph.D. Dr. E. Ariazi is a Staff Scientist. He will be responsible for all validation studies and mechanistic study design as well as critical analysis of developing data on the secure web. His primary responsibility will be to ensure that the appropriate technical staff performs in vitro and in vivo experiments to complete the milestones

Joan Lewis, Ph.D. Dr. Lewis is a Postdoctoral Associate. She will be specifically involved with the validation of pathways for survival and apoptosis of estrogen in cell culture and will supervise RNA production for gene array analysis at TGen throughout Task 2. Dr. Lewis will focus upon pathways for apoptosis and validate these pathways in the laboratory using standard molecular biology techniques (real-time PCR, siRNA, Western Blot analysis).

Jennifer L. Ariazi, Ph.D. Dr. J. Ariazi is a Postdoctoral Associate. She will supervise and conduct in vivo tumor model studies to generate samples for analyses and establish the M30-Apoptosense® ELISA and HER-2/neu ECD ELISA. She will also develop novel assays to detect circulating apoptotic products based on data from proteomic analyses of serum, followed by cross-validation of these products in xenograft tumor models and in patient tumor samples by immunohistochemistry.

Task 3. Georgetown University Proteomics

Anton Wellstein, MD, Ph.D. is Chief of the Division of Biochemistry & Pharmacology at GU. Role: Principal Investigator of Task 3. Dr. Wellstein is a tenured Professor and author on over 120 papers. He is committed to 25% effort to this CoE and will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the experiments and the overall coordination of results. In conjunction with GU, FCCC and TGen groups, he will help in the design of experiments to understand the role of apoptotic signature pathways in E2-mediated apoptosis.

Anna T. Riegel, Ph.D. Role: Investigator. She is a tenured Professor in the Department of Oncology. She will be responsible for oversight of all aspects of sample preparation, including immunoprecipitation (IP), performing 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2DE) and their analyses.

Gerald E. Stoica, Ph.D. Role: Investigator. He is a Research Assistant Professor. He will be responsible for sample preparation prior to and the running of gels for proteomic analysis.

Andrew Quong, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor. He will oversee the separations work (high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and 2DE) and the chemistries for isotopic labeling.

Judy Quong, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor. She will oversee the mass spectrometry (MS) and immunodetection of proteins. Dr. Quong is also a Career Development candidate under this CoE.

Task 4. TGen. Genomics

Heather Cunliffe, Ph.D. is an Associate Investigator at TGen and Head of the Breast Cancer Research Unit, in the Molecular Diagnostics and Target Validation Division. Role: Principal Investigator of Task 4.

Jeffrey Trent, Ph.D. is President and Scientific Director of TGen. Role: Overall scientific supervision of the research mission in Task 4.

External Advisory Board.

All of the members of the board are authorities on breast cancer treatment or hormone action in breast cancer:

Geoffrey L. Greene, Ph.D. (University of Chicago),
Gabriel N. Hortobagyi, MD (MD Anderson Cancer Center),
James N. Ingle, MD (Mayo Clinic),
Benita S. Katzenellenbogen, Ph.D. (University of Illinois),
Richard J. Santen, MD (University of Virginia).

All but one (B.S.K.) of the Members are overall PI or PI of a scientific subsection of a CoE grant.