Center: Fox Chase Cancer Center

Principal Investigator: Jose Russo, MD
Co-investigator: Irma Russo, MD
Co-investigator: Eric Ross, PhD
Co-investigator: Suraj Peri, PhD
Laboratory Manager: Fathima Sheriff, MD
Web Master: Olga Tchuvatkina

Center: NYU

Principal Investigator: Paolo Toniolo, MD
Co-Investigator and Research coordinator: Alan A. Arslan, MD
Co-investigator: Anne Zeleniuch-Jacquotte, MD
Co-Investigator/Biostatistician: Ilana Belitskaya-Levy, Ph.D.
Database Manager: Yelena Afanasyeva
Co-investigator: Arnold Stern, MD

Center: Umea

Co-investigator: Pal Bordas
Co-investigator: Per Lenner, MD, PhD
Co-investigator: Soren Holmgren

First Meeting of the AVON-GSP Group

Lulea, Sweden, July 30, 2008


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