Color: Any shade of green

Protein: Chymotrypsin

Lab Instrument: Tabletop centrifuge (unbalanced)

Book: "The Stories of Eva Luna"

by Isabel Allende

Dessert: Tres Leches

Top Three iTunes Songs:

1. "Ευαισθησiες" by Katy Garbi

2. "Just Be" by DJ Tiesto

3. "Dance me to the end of love "by Madeleine Peyroux
















Development of HTS to identify inhibitors of Pak1

   Hi, I'm Jami and I like robots. I developed a high-throughput screen that reports Pak kinase activity and used it to test a diverse library of over 40,000 drug-like compounds for inhibitors of Pak1 (p21-activated kinase 1). We found a number of compounds that disrupt Pak activity and are currently evaluating them and their mechanism of Pak1 inhibition. Oh, I live for Greek "dog songs" and Euro dance tracks. To seal the deal bring Borges, Lindemans Frambiose or Tobiko.