What to Do if the Animations Aren't Working

You need to have Flash Player installed on your computer to see the animations on CancerEdWeb. (If the animations are too small, set your computer screen resolution higher to make them bigger.)

What is Flash Player?

Flash Player is a plug-in/Active X application that lets your browser show animations on CancerEdWeb and many other web sites. It's free, it won't hurt your computer, and it's easy to install and remove.

Do I have Flash Player?

If you can see "You've Got Flash" and "You are ready to go!" below, then you are all set to use CancerEdWeb!

If you see a message saying you don't have Flash Player, or you need to get a newer version, please follow the instructions in the next section.

If you get a message saying scripting is turned off, you need to turn scripting/JavaScript on to see if your computer has a Flash Player able to run the CancerEdWeb animations. In Windows Internet Explorer, click on tools, internet options, security, the internet globe picture, then custom level. Scroll down to Scripting (near the bottom) and click Enable under Active Scripting. Click both OK buttons then reload the page. On most other browsers, click tools and options, or click preferences, then click web content, enable JavaScript or enable scripting, then click OK or close the preferences window, and reload the page.

Please note: if you are using Internet Explorer on Windows, the "high" security setting will stop Flash Player from working, even if you have it on your computer. To see the animations you must change your security setting to "medium" or add CancerEdWeb to your Trusted Sites list. (You'll need to refresh the page to see the changes). Click here for instructions.

Or you could click here to get Firefox, a new browser that is much more secure than Internet Explorer while still allowing Flash Player and other plug ins to function.

How Do I Get Flash Player?

If your browser gives you a message that you need a plug in or an Active X control, follow the browser instructions to install Flash Player and you may not even have to leave this page.

Otherwise, you can click here to go to the Adobe page to download Flash Player. The Adobe page will detect what type of computer and operating system you have, give you the version of Flash Player that you need, and tell you how to install it. But you'll have to quit your browser to install Flash Player. If you want to get back to the CancerEdWeb page you originally were on, or to this page easily, click on the page you want, then click on the Bookmarks or Favorites tab at the top of your screen and click "add" to save the page address. When you restart your browser, click on the Bookmarks/Favorites tab again and click on the CancerEdWeb page you saved to go straight there.

If you want to get rid of Flash Player when you are done looking at CancerEdWeb, click here, select the Mac or Windows uninstaller for Flash Player, and follow the instructions.