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CancerEdWeb is a series of animations and activities designed to help high school students learn about cancer. In field tests, students using CancerEdWeb increased their understanding of cancer and their science inquiry skills by up to two fold. The field tests included diverse students from special education to honors, English language learners, and schools from the inner city and the suburbs around Philadelphia.

The development of CancerEdWeb was funded by a Precollege Science Education grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, with additional support from Fox Chase Cancer Center. The site was created in its entirety by Cindy Keleher, PhD, as part of the Partnership for Cancer Research Education at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Many thanks to the teachers and students from the school districts of Philadelphia, Abington, Cheltenham, Norristown, and Council Rock who helped field test CancerEdWeb's early editions. Their thoughtful, detailed, and occasionally brutal feedback greatly improved the site, and their time and effort is much appreciated.

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