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Mission Statement

The Breast Cancer Research Laboratory (BCRL) at Fox Chase Cancer Center, directed by Jose Russo, M.D., has a mission of understanding the cellular and molecular basis of breast cancer as well as developing translational tools relevant for the treatment and prevention of the disease.

To accomplish this programmatic vision, we developed several research projects in a close partnership with the late Irma H. Russo, M.D., and a network of collaborators worldwide that have been pivotal for accomplishing and widening the mission of the BCRL.

The scientific staff of the BCRL is an international team of young, enterprising researchers that have been brought to this program by their unique interest in breast cancer research.

It is also the mission of the BCRL to be a source of continuing medical education, training young scientists and advocates in breast cancer research. More than 300 conferences, lectures and seminars have been given around the world and more than 50 Ph.D. and M.D. investigators, either through personalized mentoring or through a Postdoctoral Training Program supported by the Department of Defense, have been trained in different areas of breast cancer research. This educational mission has also reached breast cancer advocates through funding from the Avon Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

A continuous education program takes place at the BCRL by offering a weekly schedule of seminars in which all the staff must attend. Invited speakers and members of the BCRL direct the seminars. The roster of the BCRL conferences for the first half of 2008 is already available.

The BCRL has generated over 350 publications, more than 270 published abstracts, and 5 books.