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Recent BCRL Accomplishments

  1. The BCRL reached the second place among the 10 major funded laboratories at Fox Chase.
  2. The Avon Award in consortium with NYU and Umea University in Sweden to validate the genomic signature of pregnancy (2008-2014).
  3. The BCRL received the NIEHS award in a consortium with the University of Alabama for the study of Biological Response Indicators of Environmental Stress (2012-2014).
  4. The Susan G. Komen Grant For the Cure in consortium with Penn State University to study the combination of low-dose anti-estrogens with omega-3 fatty acids for prevention of hormone-independent breast cancer (2008-2013).
  5. Susan G. Komen Promise Grant for the study of hCG in Breast cancer prevention   (2010-2012).
  6. The BCRL received the NCI-NIEHS award for the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Center from 2004 to 2011.
  7. The Breast Cancer Center of Excellence awarded by the Department of Defense (2001-2006), a consortium with the University of Nebraska, University of Memphis, University of Virginia and New York University College of Dentistry.
  8. The Postdoctoral Training Program supported by the Department of Defense (2000-2004).